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Database Programming

A database programming professional or database programmer is responsible for maintaining a database, which includes preserving data integrity. A database programming professional may actually design, create, and implement a database from scratch.

A database is a repository of information managed by a database engine which ensures integrity of data and fast access to the data. A very common implementation of a database is a Relational Database Management System (RDBM). To users, the information in a database can be accessed by using Structured Query Language (SQL) a database language common to most databases. However, SQL only provides commands to access and manipulate the data in the database.

For any complex application, there commonly is a need for conditions, branching, and loops. None of these are a part of the SQL language. In order to fill this gap, many common programming languages allow integration with SQL through a common library such as Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC), Object Linking and Embedding (OLE), and sometimes with application programming interfaces or libraries supplied with the database. In addition, most databases now have a simple language of their own which allows simple control for applications which do not need the full power of standard languages like C++ and Pascal. These simple languages are used to write stored procedures and are proprietary to each database.

Anagha Softechs offers popular and latest web based database & web application development strategies have allowed us to reign the expertise over tools so to turn your dream designs to full-blown, attrive and beneficial web applications by using latest technology disciplines from open source to proprietary systems. We use the latest technologies like:

  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • MSSQL Server
  • Access/File maker Pro Integration
  • Pure Open Source Systems
  • VeriSign Payment Processing, etc.

Our web application Professional design client's dream perfect just by growing their website working mature roles to gain market and customer recognition leading upon sales and profits. Our services include:

  • Legacy System Integration
  • System Upgrade and Migration
  • Customer Service Systems
  • Community Features - Forums & Chat
  • Web Database Software Design and Development
  • Online Ordering and e-Commerce systems
  • Feedback and communications Systems
  • News and Announcement Systems

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